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Get Enrollment Moving

No-Cost or Low-Cost Health Insurance

Your child and/or you could receive medical, dental, vision and hospital care through:

  • Medi-Cal
  • Medi-Cal Newborn Enrollment
  • Other access programs
  • Covered California- * During Open Enrollment Periods and Special Exceptions Assistance with Renewals and Problem Solving

Get Enrollment Moving (GEM) is a non-profit community-based resource at Emanate Health Queen of the Valley Hospital. We can help you and your family obtain needed health care insurance. You and your family members may be eligible for Medi-Cal, Covered California and other health access programs, and we will work to help find the health insurance that is right for you.

GEM's certified counselors can assist you in Medi-Cal, Covered California, and other public insurance programs. Already have health insurance through one of these programs? We will advocate on your behalf to resolve any issues you may be encountering in maintaining your coverage.

At GEM, we are dedicated to improving the community's access to health care through insurance enrollment and problem-solving services. This program is funded by LA County Department of Public Health.

GEM (Get Enrollment Moving) can help you determine which health insurance program is right for you and your family. Regardless of citizenship status we can help you! Even if you’ve been denied in the past due to higher income. A family of four can now earn up to $36,156 gross income per year and still qualify for free or low-cost health insurance. You can receive insurance for your pregnancy and your baby.

GEM (Get Enrollment Moving) is funded by Los Angeles County Department of Public Health. GEM is approved by LACOE to provide outreach and enrollment assistance for health programs through school districts.

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